Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swinging on Small Hinges..

First of all...Blogger makes me want to scream and pull out my hair!

In the last few months blogger automatically 'updated' my blog to their new format...but it is NOT working correctly.  In fact, it is NOT working at all.  I am unable to change my background color, my font color, size, etc, I am unable to create a NEW template...or update my old one.  I am stuck in a holding pattern...  Ugh!  Blogger, you are killin' me here!

Anyway, on that note...  we WILL be changing the name of our blog!  We will be MOVING.

The new name will be SwingingOnSmallHinges.blogspot.com.

We will be moving over soon so I hope everyone gets a chance to write this down, update your bookmarks or whatever you need to do so we do not lose touch!

I am attempting to create a new blog and redirect traffic there, but blogger was giving me such a case of apoplexy that I just said forget it for tonight.  

At some point I will probably move over to a Typepad or Wordpress...or maybe even buy a dot-com!  But...stick with me here for a while longer.


Don't forget!!!

Swinging On Small Hinges!  swingingonsmallhinges.blogspot!!

See you there in about a week or so!

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