Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rockaway Beach - Mini Road Trip

So, being the adventurous (and slightly bored) people that we are, we thought we would kick off the new year with a little drive. We didn't know where we were going when we started out...then decided to head to Branson 'the back way'. We made our way slowly through the Missouri countryside...which was beautiful, until we ended up at Rockaway Beach...It was wicked cold out there by the water!!
Maggie was cold so she got wrapped up in Daddy's jacket.

My hair was insanely static-ey after getting back in the car!!! Whoa!

I didn't get any pictures but we made it to Powersite, a little town that was pretty much abandoned near the Powersite Dam. Only we discovered that not much is abandoned any houses and well lived in. We saw the Dam from above...couldn't figure out exactly how to get down there, then decided that we needed another break from the car so we made it to Branson and stopped at Dick's 5 & 10. So, yeah, that place is NOT a good place for little kids...although it was neat and Kayley bought herself a little Sugar Daddy on a stick for only 15 cents...

We also headed home 'the back way', which took a while. On the way home there was this ginormous THING in the road. A cow...or maybe a bull. I'm a city girl and couldn't say for certain, but it was hollering angrily at those other cows across the fence... He finally moseyed off the road so we could continue.

We made it to Springfield...bought Maggie a birthday cake (yes, in case you forgot, tomorrow is Maggie first birthday!!!!) and headed home. The girls did great considering we spent easily 6+ hours in the car. We are ready for more impressive road trips!

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