Saturday, October 9, 2010

FHE - Satans Web

I know this is a little late, but we did a great FHE this week on Satans Web. This is the perfect time of year for this lesson because you can buy that fake spider web so cheap right now! We hung the web, talked about how Satan can 'pull you into his web' by making bad things look good. We discussed what a spiders web really does, how they are sticky and are used to catch prey. We hung up some little papers that discuss what we do that can make us get caught in Satans web (ie. like, disobedient, anger, lying, speaking hurtful words, etc) and what we can do to avoid that trap! We also talked about who Satan is and why he does NOT want us to be a happy family. (I pulled this right out of the new gospel principles manual).
Then we made spider 'cookies' with sugar cookies, frosting and pretzel sticks!

(The Spooky Skeleton Jammies were a nice touch don't you think?)

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The Wendler Family said...

OK I officially love that you posted the link for this on facebook when you were preparing this lesson! You should do that more often. What a great idea! We didn't get to do it last week but we are planning on doing this lesson some time this month, all because of you!
Kayley is a doll!!