Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another trip to SDC

We made a fun trip to SDC with Gramma! Sadly I wasn't very good about snapping pictures, I guess it is because we go there so often. We did try one of these luscious potato on a stick though. They were gooooood!

We had a great time. The red-hat society ladies were there in full-force and they were zipping around on those little scooters everywhere. One of them was struggling to get up a steep hill (low battery I suppose) and another red-hat lady came up behind her and shouted, "I'll help! It'll be just like ICE ROAD TRUCKERS!!" Then she pushed her up the hill. It was hilarious. (Yes...we watch IRT. Makes me want to be a truck driver when I grow up! LOL!)

Anyway, Maggie hung out in the stroller and spent a lot of time honing her new-found skill of gagging herself with her fingers... I don't know why she finds that such a joy...but she does.
Kayley rode the pirate ship! And the roller coaster. And the elephants. And the swings. Oh and the Regatta. And of course Fire in the Hole!We finished up our day at one of our favorite places... Steak N' Shake!
Maggie had some hot fudge. She liked it, can you tell?


Mary said...

Just wanted to say that I love your adorable new background! Your beautiful girls are getting SO big! =)

Dana Cheryl said...

What a fun day! OK so now I'm really craving potatoes on a stick. Which is funny because I've never had potatoes on a stick but dang! I'm sure glad someone thought of it. :)

You have such a beautiful family!!!