Monday, September 20, 2010

Fearlessly Feminine - Challenge Day 7

I can't believe this week went by so fast. I didn't get to blog about as many things as I was hoping but I had a wonderful time testing my femininity and my wardrobe.
I did get one question from my good friend Savannah who asked me, "Have you noticed a difference in your marriage? Do you act more feminine then you did before? Does your husband act differently too?"
What a great question. I think so. I definitely noticed that I acted more feminine than before. Honestly I found myself feeling more 'soft.' As in, more soft spoken, less prone to getting frustrated, more forgiving...I know it is kind of weird, but dressing more feminine and feeling more respectful toward myself really encouraged me to feel more respectful toward others.
As for what my husband thought and how he acted...I'll let him give you a blog update on that!

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