Friday, September 17, 2010

Fearlessly Feminine - Challenge Day 4

I think I could get used to wearing a skirt. It is actually pretty comfortable (will need to invest in some tights if it gets much cooler--work with me, I moved here from Phoenix!) I feel kind of cute, and I love my shoes. LOL!

The garbage man ran my can to me after he unloaded it... I was headed that way anyway, but I like to think it made him feel more of a gentleman since he met me halfway and saw me coming in all my skirted-ness. Then when the UPS man came he offered to carry my boxes into the kitchen for me (they were from Schwans). I graciously accepted. Is it the skirt? I think maybe it is!

Today I wore a simple khaki a-line skirt (no slits in my skirts in case you wondered) and a knit top. (It was chilly again this morning, only 60 when we left the house! I topped my ensemble with a hoodie in the morning, but shed it by afternoon). I went to the Childrens Orchard Tent Sale...(don't bother going, it was a bunch of junk that was not cheap) and then the library. We homeschooled for 2 hours and did another load of laundry (daily!). Now we are just hanging out...Kayley watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Hot Dog!) and Maggie is pushing buttons on her muscial play phone over and over and over again. =)

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Savannah said...

Have you noticed a difference in your marriage? Do you act more feminine then you did before? Does your husband act differently too? Today's outfit was my favorite, you look so pretty and Kayley is as cute as always.