Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adoption News...

So close, yet so far away.
We still do not have a court date to finalize Maggie's adoption. We turned in our papers and we are still just waiting...waiting...waiting... Our lawyer mentioned there is a 6 month waiting period after we appeal to the courts but that they were going to try to waive it. But, we've heard nothing. So! We just keep on waiting.

In other news. Received a letter from LDS Family Services about a change in policy as to how many children couples can adopt through their agency. They have gone back to a "2 Child rule" but thankfully, those of us who were approved couples before the rule are grandfathered in and are able to adopt 1 more time through the agency.

What does this mean for us? Nothing yet. I've heard people say that when their family is complete they feel a really good sense of peace. I suppose the fact that I was already stressed about where our next baby was going to come from didn't imply 'peace.' LOL! Honestly, adoption is such a roly-coaster that I just don't know if we are up for a 3rd go around or not. 2 girls are nice... Our birthmoms are amazing. We have great relationships with them and a high level of comfort. I am almost afraid of the process again. Having Maggie/Melissa and Kayley/Krystin is literally like winning the lotto twice... It just isn't done. And I'm just not sure it can be done a 3rd time.

Seriously though, if Kayley had her way she told me we would have "a lot more girls and just 1 boys, I don't like boys." hahah! Girls are fun! I agree!

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Dana Cheryl said...

Good luck waiting and waiting and waiting it out...

This is one of the reasons that many of my friends have chosen international adoption. The finalization process is a matter which is settled very earlier on compared to our domestic adoptions.

Of course, regardless of the process or where it takes place adoption is a miracle.

Here's hoping that you get the news very, very soon.