Sunday, August 29, 2010

Knowing limitations...

We've had fun this summer, Kayley and I, homeschooling. We've worked through a lot of phonics, Kayley learned to sound out words and is pre-reading! We've worked through Math, she is really rocking at patterns and we had to skip over colors and shapes cause she knew them backwards and forwards. We've worked through Five In a Row learning about the geography of China and had a blast with science learning about butterflies.

But-through it all- Kayley keeps questioning when she gets to go back to preschool. And, why she can't ride the yellow bus. Mind you, she is only 4 and it is not time for her to get on that yellow bus anyway...even if she were 5 and starting K for real, she will sadly not find herself on that yellow bus... No way - no bus...

I keep second guessing my decision to homeschool with Kayley. She likes it, but if I were going to homeschool, I should've never let her go to preschool. She loves preK, she misses it. And honestly in several ways, so do I.
I love choosing curriculum, I love studying and learning with Kayley. I love all the benefits of homeschooling.
I think part of the reason I keep feeling so insecure is that fact that I have very little support. My husband supports me, our parents support me, a sis-in-law supports me, and 2 good friends support me. But, that's about it. I have gotten a lot of anti-homeschool comments on my blog. This is MY blog people!-the one that I really NEED to keep public for the sake of my daughters birthfamilies otherwise I would've went private ages ago and not invited those who don't support me. I know, I've gotten some nasty people telling me that if I didn't want the worlds opinion I should go private. Trust me, I really WANT to. But I won't. At least not soon.
Either way-
I could probably plow through homeschooling with a lack of support, but it wouldn't be very easy.
Then, to add to the problem, we didn't get into a homeschool co-op because of our religion. Now I can truly say I know what if feels like to be discrimminated against. I'm not sure what that homeschool co-op is afraid of? Maybe they were worried that Kayley would be proselyting to the other Kindergartners? I was really counting on that co-op to help Kayley get the sense of 'school' that she was craving and a chance for me to meet other Moms who were also homeschooling...
It would be very hard to go it alone, homeschooling, without support. Of friends, family and a co-op. Not that I couldn't do it...but I know my limitations. And I need support.
But when we add on top of that...the fact that Kayley just really wants to go to school...well, maybe we need to re-evaluate the whole situation.
So, we did some hard and fast re-evaluating and here is what we decided.

Kayley (or Maggie) will not be starting public school (hooray that we are still 1 year too young to even really need to worry about it). But, Kayley will be going back to her private preschool program tomorrow.
I have thrilled her beyond all reason to take her back.
She is so excited.
I am grateful that it is not all day, every day, for 7 hours a day kind of program.

we will continue homeschooling this year even though Kayley will be going to a preK program. I will give updates on what kinds of things we are working on. We will continue with BJU phonics and Math, and FIAR geography and unit studies. It is pretty likely Kayley will be beyond Kindergarden by the end of the year, but...we'll worry about that when we get there.
We are bouncing around plenty of ideas.
(Sorry-public school is still not an option for now.)
Most likely it will be the hybrid school.
2 days on - 3 days off a week.
The schooling that Kayley wants-the homeschooling that I want...
But, we'll see.
We are playing it one day and one prayer at a time.


The Wendler Family said...

I have so much I want to say about this post! First off, I think its great you are taking it one day at a time. You know your limits and what you and Kayley both need and that is great.
Second, I am disappointed that you were not allowed into that co-op because of our religion. Have you ever thought about starting one of your own and letting families in your ward, and others know about it?
Thirdly, I love that you are still going to do some homeschooling with Kayley. I hope that next year doesn't pose more problems as I am sure she will be even more used to going to school next year. However, I'm not too worried about it, because I know you make your decisions a matter of prayer. :)
I am so glad our family decided against preschool since we are planning on homeschooling so that this situation for us will be avoided.
I think there is more I wanted to tell you but I can't remember it all and I have to run. lol I'm sure I'll have more to say the more you post about your experiences.

The Pollocks! said...

It sounds like you're reaching a good balance for the pair of you. I know the drama of the decision - one I keep flirting with, but can't commit to yet because of how little we'll be able to accomplish with all the little distractions I have running / crying around! It seems like you're doing an awesome job. I LOVE watching my kids learn - and knowing that I helped - it's awesome!