Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like a little child...

Don't you love it when you have an epiphany?
Not just any epiphany, but the kind where your child leads YOU into understanding better a gospel truth...

We went to Kayley's first day of dance class. She didn't know anybody there, she didn't have any friends yet. She spied a little girl of similar age and walked up to her and said. "Hi! I'm Kayley! Want to sit on the bench with me??" (There was a little "Kayley sized" bench in the waiting area...) The little girl looked at her Mom (which I found out a few days later was actually her Nanny) who told her to go ahead. Within minutes both little girls were swinging their legs and giggling together like they had been friends forever.

Isn't that incredible? It occurred to me how our little ones, our children, not see race or color, they do not see disabilities, they do not see social status (it was obvious that she had a LOT more money that we do!), they only see what they want to see -- a potential friend. They LOVE first. You don't have to earn is automatically given. It doesn't matter that they do not know you. They love you in advance, and will continue to do so unless you do something very ugly to lose that love.

Oh. The epiphany. I get it now. THAT is one reason why the Savior tells us in the scriptures that we need to be like a little child. As adults we cannot or will not do the same for our fellow men as our children do. We are wary. We are untrusting. Instead of giving love in advance, we hang back until new people earn our love. And then, just maybe, we will become friends. Kind of backwards.

What good examples our children can be for us when we are paying attention.


Jill Elizabeth said...

I love this post! It always amazes me how easy it is for little children to make friends. They assume that everyone they meet is their friend. What a wonderful attitude to have! I saw an ad in a magazine once - I can't remember if it was selling Snapple or shoes or what - that had the tagline, "Avoid strangers by introducing yourself."
I ... wow. I know I had a point I was going to make but I've exhausted my brain cells trying to remember what that ad was for.

Anyway. Well said! And good for Kayley :-)

Dana Cheryl said...

When considered along these lines it's easy to understand why the Savior says we must become like little children.

Loving, trusting, joyful, happy, welcoming...

Wonderful lesson. Thanks for sharing.