Friday, June 18, 2010

Springfield Train Museum

We had a great time on Saturday visiting the Springfield Train Museum!
It was visitors appreciation weekend so we got in for free...
only, when we got there we discovered the museum is always free.
So, no big bargain there.
Fun anyways though! haha!
(btw: Yes, Kayley does love Cheerios...the shirt is very appropriate).

Kayley and Daddy checking out the upper level on the passenger car!
Riding high in the caboose.
This is the end of the train! Look out!
And the engineer sits right here...
And the coal goes in there...

Ringing the bell.
They put it outside because they were concerned
about kids falling out the train window while trying to ring the bell.

The historical truck association was there as well...with their ... uh, historic trucks...

Look, me and Maggie were actually there too!
She is about to Karate Chop the camera...
and I need to get her hair out of my teeth.
Hijacking the mail mans jeep...

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