Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some summer catch up... Random Pictures.

Here are some random pictures:

I tried to make a little play area for Maggie. I put "bumpers" on all 4 sides. It worked for about a week, then she managed to escape. Soooo...I ordered a Super Yard. Maggie is EVERYWHERE. She might as well be crawling she gets around so well.
Another weird sleeping position at naptime. LOL!
I finished Maggie's name project for her wall...
I think it turned out pretty cute.
For FHE on Monday we made our own "brass/gold plates" out of tinfoil. It was awesome. We had 2 other couples over and we all picked our favorite scripture, discussed them, and then "engraved" them on our own metal plates and compiled them into a book for Kayley to keep.
There is probably more randomness to follow... I am behind in my blogging I know. I need to get caught up!

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The Wendler Family said...

What a great idea for fhe! I am sure Kayley just loved it. I know my three year old would... so I'm going to steal your idea. :)
At least you are posting about your summer. I feel like we have not done anything significant for some time so I haven't really posted.