Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Restless Life Syndrome

I just read this posting over on this blog:

She writes about how she has hit a time in her life that she describes as "restless life syndrome." I bet if you read about it, you will realize that you have been there at some point in time in your life too. I have been there...I am still there. I have been there for a few years. One would think that moving and a new baby would provide the change that I have been seeking, but for some reason it hasn't. Not that I am not happy. Nope, I am definitely happy...but yet still wonder what I need to do differently. Take a class? Start a new hobby? Something!
My dad has always talked about how my ancestor's have "itchy feet".
I know I have it too.
Always looking for a change.
Always seeking something new and interesting.

Anyway- I enjoyed the posting on this blog, thought I'd share!


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