Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Acorn

We went to the Little Acorns Preschool Program at the Springfield Nature Center on Friday where we learned about Cottontail bunnies!

We puttered around the museum for a while before we went in,
where they had a great touch-table!
A helicopter simulator so you could help put out forest fires!
They also had fun little doors tucked in all the trees.
Kayley had a fun time trying to find all the little doors.
In the preschool program they made bunny puppets and learned all about Cottontails!
It was really fun - totally FREE - and I'd recommend this program to anyone with preschoolers!!! I wish we had had enough time afterward to go for a little hike in the woods. Maybe next time! We go back later this week to try out a "Story Time with Ms. Ladybug!"

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Dana Cheryl said...

Ya'll do the neatest things!!! Seeing all the fun stuff you do with your girls inspires within me to have kids... someday. :)