Thursday, March 18, 2010


Kayley has been sick this week.
Turned out to be a double ear infection! Poor girl!
Fever as high as 102, some barfing, lots of hacking and coughing.
What a rough few days its been.

We made her a little bed on the couch where she spent most of her time.
Check out that awesome little refridgerator cool pack shaped like an ice cream cone.
Hobby Lobby 2 dollars!! She liked to hold it on her hot forehead.
She asked for dry cheerios and apple juice, which she promptly turned into a funky version of breakfast. Which she ate a few bites and declared it realllllly good. (blech!)
She slept for quite a while too...which was also good.
And Bella was happy to join her.
Then Banjo took a turn keeping her warm.
We missed 2 days of preschool, but thankfully Kayley
is starting to feel back to normal today!

1 comment:

Dana Cheryl said...

Oh bless her heart!! As adults I think we forget how badly something like an ear infection hurts...

She's such a sweet little thing!

Btw, I love your cats! Your Banjo (rockin' name!!) looks like my Bago, pronounced Bah-go. I love black & white cats!