Friday, March 26, 2010

Dickerson Park Zoo - ZEBRA Program #2

We attended our second ZEBRA program at the Zoo last week. Incredible considering we were all so sick, but it was prepaid and Kayley was feeling fine so I just slugged some Dayquil and took her into town. She had a great time learning all about animals and their "ears".

You have to love the butt-crack pic on this little boy here:A hedgehog!
Bunnies have BIG ears...
Of course there are always several take-home projects to complete!

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Dana Cheryl said...

How fun! It's easy to see how fascinated Kayley is by the animals & the things she's learning.

I've never been one to be very maternal, however, seeing the fun things you do with your girls inspires a desire within me to experience moments like these.