Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Beacon

Very early this morning, in the dark, twilight hours, I was awakened by the tell-tale 'scrreeaaak' of our bedroom door opening. I sat up and saw Kayley's little form in the doorway looking at me. She is just so cute, standing there, in the semi-darkness... her little voice said, "Mommy?"
I said, "Kayley, are you ok? Come over here and tell me what is the matter..." Her little feet padded quietly across the room and she climbed up onto our bed. I asked her, "Are you ok? What's the matter? Why are you awake? It is still dark outside."
She asked me, "Mom? Why is it muddy when it rains?"
(Good question, and one best answered during daylight hours.)
But, the whole situation really got me thinking.
Even though we might (and I usually do) find their night-time disturbances a little annoying and frustrating.
As women, as mothers, we serve as Beacons in the dark to our children.
How blessed we are that we can serve as a source of light to a confused child in dark.
How blessed we are, that at any time and in any circumstance, we can serve as a source of light for another when they have lost their way.

I am so thankful for the little moments
that help me see a sliver of light in the dark.

My little bright ray of sunshine.

Thank you Kayley for bringing your little
fleecy-slippered-pajama-y sweet-smelling, self into my arms last night.
I was happy for the hugs too.

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