Monday, February 15, 2010

Curious George....

We joined the Kidgits Club at Battlefield is really cool. (Aside from almost sounding like you are a member of the 'idgits club). Anyway-For 5$ a year you get to participate in some intersting Kidgits Club activities. Saturday they had a visit from Curious George!
Storytime.They gave the kids these awesome cushy things to sit on!
We met George!
Maggie had to hang out with Daddy...
High Voltage Valerie was on hand to do several
Mad Science experiments with the kids too!

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Dana Cheryl said...

"idgits club" My oh my you make me laugh Miss Stephanie!!

What a fun day. Kayley will have fun memories forever. You're a cool mom!

p.s. I'm following your blog... Yeah, that's right, I'm totally blog stalking ya now. lol!