Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Bjorn

I never would've guessed....
That I would feel so sexy carrying my baby in a Bjorn...
I mean, and I never would guessed...that the Baby Bjorn came in so many fashion colors...
I never would've guessed that you could wear your baby to the Prom.
And this is my first time seeing a leprachaun with a Baby Bjorn.
Wow. I never would've guessed that greasers wore a totally cool Baby Bjorn.
Over all, I think I have figured out that if I wore a Bjorn I'd be totally hot.
And I think I'm suppose to realize that a baby-wearing Man is totally hot.
And that getting multiple Bjorns to match your outfits and moods are totally hot.
Well, I wore mine today.
And I felt hot...
but, not sexy-hot.
More like, frazzled-Mom-doing-14-things-at-once hot.
I think my Bjorn is broken.


Stephanie said...

LOL! This is hilarious! :)

I want a Maya Wrap, but they're so expensive! Maybe I'd be hipper if I just opted for the baby bjorn

Anna said...

I always felt like a pack mule in mine.

Dana Cheryl said...

Girl, I love it!!

It was laugh outloud funny!

Not the part about being frazzled and all but all the other stuff... hilarious! :)

Kristi said...

this post is very funny. i especially like the leprechaun. ha ha ha. laughed out loud i did. love it. and for the record, i love my bjorn. it was especially nice when i finally ventured out to the grocery store with the two chicas. not quite 2 year old in cart, baby in bjorn being entertained by big sister. people looking at me like i'm crazy for having them so close together. what will they say about #3? truly.