Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still in Arizona...

Hello! Here is an update on how we are doing:
James went home on Friday...he couldn't miss more than a week of work and I was really grateful to have him with me for 9 days. He said that Kayley was so surprised to see him when she woke up the next morning. He told me she had grown since he has seen her last...what?! Noooo! She is not allowed to grow without me. :)
I miss her so much. It is funny...I am homesick, not for my home, but for my sweet little Kayley. (Oh, and I miss James a little too...but he just left so not nearly as much *yet*. LoL!)
I am still hanging out here in Arizona. I am so thankful to my dear friends Connie and Glen for letting me impose on them for the past 9 days (and more to come). They have been gracious and helpful.
My mom is coming out on Tuesday afternoon to help me drive back home. It looks like we should be able to leave Thursday morning...Yay!
Maggie- ok...I have to tell you about this amazing little girl. It is hard to believe that she is already 8 days old! She rarely cries. Seriously! She just hangs out, stares at me, looks around, sleeps, eats and quietly 'requests' a diaper change or help with an air bubble... Last night she ate at 10pm, slept until 2am, drank 3oz, zonked back out, slept until 6am, drank 3 more oz, fell back asleep and slept until 10am! Am I spoiled or what?! :) :) :)
She is alert in the mornings, usually enjoying a couple of hours of awake time. We just hang out and chat. (ok, I'm the one doing all the talking...but she is really a GREAT listener.) She likes to have her hair washed...her eyes roll up into the top of her head. (Mine do too when I get my hair washed!). She likes to lounge in her swing and patiently and calmly tolerates my insistence that she get some supervised time on her tummy 2x's a day. (Trying to avoid the flat head, bald spot and general tummy time meltdowns for the future). She is also a trooper in the car seat and has enjoyed her 2 trips in the stroller. (She slept the whole time-haha).
She loves her Soothie binky. My attempts at getting her to enjoy a Nuk or Button have failed and looks like we will be staring at the big, round, green, (ugly), binky for a few months.. (I did notice that they come in "fashion colors" at BabiesRUs...)
Anyway, that's where we are. Still waiting for ICPC to clear, but looks like it should happen early this week! I can't wait to get home. I miss my Kayley.


Mandy @ The Party of 3 said...

Aww!! I know you miss Kayley but she will forget about all these days momma has been gone when she meets her new baby sister!! So glad your mom is coming out to drive home with you!! Thanks for the update!

Jen said...

Maggie is beautiful! I'm so glad things are going well and I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more about her (and Kayley, too, of course!). Good luck with the next few days and the drive home!

Shane, Megan, CJ and R-Baby said...

So happy for you! What a sweet babe! It's a wonderful time. I understand the missing the other baby thing. I cried for Carter! He had grown up a TON in the two weeks we were in Michigan.

Oh, and on the subject of pacifiers -- we thought Ruby was gonna like her Soothie best, so we went to Target while still in MI and they had pink and purple ones. In the end, she prefers Nuks, but I was glad they were as accessible as they were by being at Target! I think my sister-in-law special ordered vanilla-flavored, cream-colored ones for her baby and that was all she'd ever take!

The Wendler Family said...

So good to hear an update. Stephanie, she is simply gorgeous!! I am glad she is a good eater and sleeper. I can't wait till you get to go home and see your, now bigger, Kayley! She will just love Maggie baby sister!

The Wyler Family said...

such a fun update. she is a cutie. sounds like she is a great baby. hannah was like that too. we couldn't believe it after having ethan who was a super high maintenance baby. anyway, enjoy this special alone time with maggie.

The Pollocks! said...

How awesome! The first time you see Kayley you'll think "Oh my gosh - you're HUGE!" I thought that about my Sami when she came to the hospital to see her new little sister and I hadn't seen her for a whole day. Holding something so tiny just makes the bigger one seem SO much bigger! I'll bet she's missing you, too. Congratulations!! Enjoy that little sweetheart!

Krystin said...

I second what my sister said. My nieces seemed huge to me after having Kayley. It's just the lack of perspective during your away time.
Maggie sure is a cutie though - I'm so happy for you all.
Best of luck this week and on your drive home soon.

Kristi said...

I hope you get this tonight. :o) I forgot to call my mother-in-law, but I emailed her and will have a response early tomorrow. Plan on Tuesday still. I can't wait to photograph all that hair! It's also a lot of fun if you bring a few of your own props. Call me when you get a sec on Monday to discuss. I have quite a bit of stuff too. Can't wait to meet you!

Blessed said...

HI I am new to your blog and am obsessed with adoption blogging now because I am a new adoptive mommy of a gorgeous baby girl! 4 months old!

Anyways a million congratulations on blessnig #2!!!!!!!

I look forward to following your journey!!!