Friday, January 22, 2010

Penguin Watching...

I whipped up Kayley some of these binoculars today from a paper towel tube...then told her..."You could go bird watching!" She she grabs Gramma and tells her she wants to go outside to go bird watching. "I want to see a Penguin!" she says! Gramma tells her, "Oh...I don't think we would be able to see a Penguin...penguins only like to live where it is really cold!" Dissapointed, Kayley and Gramma head to the door... As they are looking it starts to fog up. Kayley says, "Whoa! The window is fogging up!?" Gramma says, "Yes, it is because it is cold outside..." To which Kayley responded..."Oh!!! So we CAN see a Penguin!!"
Hahaha... such a smart kid.

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