Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A gift from "The Apron Lady"

We love our new aprons from Granny (aka. "The Apron Lady"). We had a fun time having the "same" and baking our rolls and Amish friendship bread... Everytime I go into the kitchen now Kayley tells me I need my "thingy" (apron) on...and that she needs hers too so she can help. We love them Granny! Thanks a bunch!

Do you like the aprons?
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"The Apron Lady" etsy store!!


Jill Elizabeth said...

I've long suspected that Amish friendship bread is a tool of the devil ... but I love the aprons :o)

Mandy Jo said...

OMG! Mist and I have to have some! Checking the site out!

Gwen Mangelson said...

phew I am off the hook , was planning to make you both matching aprons and now I dont have to! yay! lol
by the way, Ilove them you look awesome! !