Thursday, December 24, 2009


Kayley was so tired last night. She didn't take a nap & she had woken up early. We made our Amish Friendship Bread and we were looking forward to a piece. Well, Kayley just got so tired that every little thing made her upset and she'd start to cry. The pinnacle came when she wanted a cup with NO lid and then accidentally kneeled on her bread and squashed it. At this point she got upset and threw the mother-of-all tantrums. Which is weird, because honestly, Kayley NEVER throws big tantrums. So we had put her to bed when it started and thought, well, she'll settle down in a few minutes... she is SO tired that she'll be zonked before we can even clean up the squashed bread. But, after several minutes she just kept on going...and going...and I decided to do the unthinkable. I went in to check on her. (According to tantrum experts you are supposed to ignore them and let them cry it out...but I couldn't do it. (I'm a wimp)). So, I got in there and helped her to settle down a bit...Then we talked about what happened and agreed that "tomorrow we could try to make better choices (ie take a nap! no tantrums). Then I put her back to bed but she started crying again... The conversation went like this:

"Mommyyyyy I can't (hiccup) stop cryyyyying....and (hiccup) I don't know whyyyyy...."

(Haven't we all been in this situation before?)

So I pulled her about of bed and we settled down once more and I asked her, "Why do you think you are crying?"

She thought for a moment then answered wisely, "I have a lot of drama."

Yes, Kayley, I think so too...

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