Monday, December 7, 2009

DisneyWorld from Steph's perspective

Kayley got her first visit pin!!!Waiting in line to get our tickets.The monorail to Magic Kingdom!!
We finally made it!!!Riding the Tomorrowland Transit Authority...
(formerly known as the WEDWAY People-mover)
The best ride in all of Tomorrowland.
Riding the Carousel in Fantasyland.
Spaceship Earth at Epcot. We "built our future."
Riding with Papa.
Epcot. Spaceship Earth. The big ball.
The Nemo Ride.
The stroller we rented at Disney was LAME. Save your money and just go buy an umbrella stroller. It worked a whole lot better. I complained and got my money back.
Aw. Dad with his favorite child. My brother Steven.
Playing at Journey into Imagination...
The dancing fountain. Yup, it squirted her right in the face several times.
She had a great time.
Waiting outside the Pub to go get some fish n' chips.
Nightime at Epcot.
Kayley with her Kanket.
She was so exhausted the whole trip.
I don't know why my kid can't crash like everybody elses?
We saw tons of kids in strollers just snooozing away...
but not Kayley....
Dad. He'll hate this pic, but I actually really like it.
I like to see my Dad smile and laugh.
Oh! look! Our new viking friends Kayley-venka and Stevenko.
Don't ask.
Me. One of the few pics that show that I was actually there.
I'm totally bummed that I didn't get any of my dads pics from his camera before I left.
Looking at Ducks in Animal Kingdom.
Self Portrait of our group.
Challenging to do with 6 people, but I managed.
Kayley as Cinderella. Hard to see, but Thanks to Gramma and Papa for buying the awesome tiara! We are getting ready to watch the parade.
Kayley got a lot of attention at all the parades. Probably because she is so stinkin' cute, she's 3 and she's dressed like Cinderella.
Kayley in prison with Zurg.
Autopia. I think Papa got whiplash from letting Kayley drive. She just kept ramming the car into the rail. Of course, I'm not so sure she could actually see over the steering wheel?
Aaaahhh... Dad was ok until he had to have the metal plate put in his head... Or on his head... or whatever he is doing. That is actually his ticket to ride the Rockets.
Wheee....! Kayley and I rode in front of Gramma & Papa.

I mean seriously...who rides like that?
The gate to MGM-HollywoodStudios.
At Hollywood Studios.
It rained and rained the day we went to Hollywood studios.
Pizza Planet!
Kayley in her "ponch-no"

We played Kim Possible and helped stop crime during our stay in "France." We kept in touch with Kim and Ron via our "Kimmunicator!"
The bridge between the countries and Epcot center.
I had no clue that it went up. Did you?


The Wyler Family said...

Looks like a really fun trip. It will be fun in a few years to take our kids.

Jen said...

So jealous! Looks like a great trip. I've heard that this is the best time of year to go -- between holidays. We're hoping to do a Disney adventure soon, too. Just got to keep saving those pennies! :)