Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Happenings...

Kayley got her hair curled at the mall... This prompted the "I want a curling iron for Christmas" wish.
We took our trike out for a spin in the driveway.
We hung with Grampa Kay at the craft fair.
We found this awesome Little Tykes grocery store toy for only 5 bucks at Other Mothers!!
We went to Wacky World with Kayley's Preschool!
We explored Daddys new office!
We built Tent House!
We mopped the Kitchen.
Oh, and Yes, it is hard to mop when wearing so much bling.
Uhm...that is an artichoke.
And, sure, I always let my child wear her
Little House on the Prairie sunbonnet to the supermarket.
Oh...and push her baby in a stroller... hehe.
Daddy used the leaf blower to take care of some was NOISY!

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