Monday, November 9, 2009

For The Birds....

While I was working in the kitchen today, I heard a tremendous chirping! I looked out the window and sure enough I saw a gazillion black birds in our backyard! Kayley and I rushed out to look. I grabbed my camera because it was so crazy and I thought it might be "blogworthy".
Anyway, I took a couple pics of the birds...but Kayley was just going looney over the excitement so I turned my camera and started snapping her instead.
It is so easy...when no flash is required, I can
snap about 40 pictures in less than 2 minutes.
No cooperation from Kayley required.
Here is what I ended up with.
I might be a 'little' biased, but I believe that Kayley is a beautiful girl.

Wish this one hadn't been so fuzzy...

Oh to the reason we were out there.
Tons of birds! Loud! Chirping! It was crazy!
They were everywhere. Kayley was pretty excited.
She thought they were out there to eat out of her birdfeeder.
No photo session is complete without the customary self-portrait.

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