Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adoption Month Blogging

Thank you for your support this month as I have blogged about adoption in support of National Adoption month. Today is my last day of blogging for National Adoption Month, but before I return to my "regularly scheduled program" I just wanted to post one last time.

I saw this picture online one day. It is called "the Orphans."
It prompted me to think more critically about the plight of children languishing in the foster care system today. All children deserve a good home, with parents who love them.
I have been feeling the tug to consider foster care/foster-to-adopt and I'm happy to share that I took the leap this month and we had a visit with the county social worker to begin the foster care licensing process. I'm not sure where we will end up in the process, but I think in the future we might find a child who is "meant to be ours."

Happy National Adoption Month!


The Wendler Family said...

I am so happy about your decision! Fostering can be a challenge but I also hear it is more rewarding than you could comprehend at this point in the process.
My husband and I can't wait to foster some day.
Good luck with the licensing and such. You will be such an influence for good in the lives of so many.

Debbie B said...

We plan to do foster to adopt next. I'm eager to learn through your process. Enjoy Disney World!

Krystin said...

Congrats on getting the ball rolling. I know you will be blessed for your decision to do so. :)

mrs. r said...

hey there...

i have a little something for you! thanks for taking the adoption month challenge and for all your blogging hard work.

send me an email with your address: the r house at gmail dot com.


mrs. r