Thursday, October 22, 2009

It Don't Come Easy...

You know...
What is it with us that, whatever can possibly go wrong - always does? It is too the point where I just roll my eyes and laugh.

The last few days I've just had the song, "It Don't Come Easy" running through my head...and it is so true. For example:

We had a visit from the Gas Company again today... we woke up this morning and it was freezing. Looking at the thermostat we couldn't figure out why the heat was set at 69 and the temp said it was 62. Turned out our propane tank was empty. In the end we discovered that the 300 gallons of propane we filled it with a month ago was gone?! So... another gas leak. It's a wonder we didn't blow up. Besides that, Propane (especially when you are buying 300 gal at a time) is not all that cheap.

Oh...and that phone/internet problem that was fixed... wasn't...then was...then wasn't...what in the world? Here is what my modem looked like all day. No DSL? No phone. All of a sudden it started working again...AFTER we scheduled a tech to come out and look at it. It is possessed.

What else? Oh, James still hasn't been able to start work. I don't know what is wrong with the Missouri Licensing board, but they took AGES to finally let us know that there was some paperwork missing. Uhm Hello?! We are not bringing in a paycheck while waiting for you guys!
And, our deposit from our old apartment complex? Not coming - turns out we never paid one. The 8K from the IRS for buying the house? Still hasn't shown up yet. The 5K sign-on bonus for James' work...also hasn't materialized yet. Ugh. Not Fun.

Everything will work out eventually.
It has too.
But it 'don't come easy.'
Enjoy the song. :)

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