Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the r house couture...

all handmade.
all unique.
all adoption.

I mentioned last week that I would be buying most of my holiday gifts this year from other adoptive parents. So many of my fellow adoptive, (and hopeful adoptive), Mommys are doing fundraisers to help cover adoption expenses and we just want to support as many of these wonderful people as we can.

The r's at the 'r house' are going through a contested adoption. I cannot imagine what a horrible experience it must be to go through a contested adoption. (I sincerely pray that this is not a trial I will have to experience). Not only has Mr and Mrs r. already paid the adoption fees and the emotional fees, but now she is fighting a huge court battle to keep her baby, Gavin...whom has been placed in her home for over a year! Yes! A year!

We all know that if it were our baby, we would do whatever it takes!
Including paying a good lawyer to fight for you.
Which gets very expensive!
Let's help Gavin!
Consider purchasing a holiday gift from the r house...
Click on any link to be taken to that item.

When You Wish Upon A Star Necklace with Amber and Glass
Love Necklace with Amber and Opal

I have already become part of baby Gavin's adoption story.
I hope you will too.
Kayley snapped this pic of me wearing my hopes & wishes necklace...
(Unfortunately, my pretty Hope and Wish necklace,
I believe is sold out...
BUT there is so much more to see in the r house Etsy store!!)

Visit the r house couture on Etsy by clicking on the picture below!
all handmade.
all unique.
all adoption.

Visit the r house to learn more about Mr & Mrs. r
and their adoption story....


Mandy Jo said...

I LOVE the necklace...I can't figure out which one I want..lol!

mrs. r said...

whaaaaat???? how sweet are you??? i am mostdef adding you to my list of "reviewers"! thank you so much.

...and just for you, i will make some more of the hope/wish necklace with the red and turquoise during nap time today. :) look for them online tomorrow.

...AND, in the vein of SNEAK PEEKS, i have a new design coming out on thursday. one that joniece, sensei, muse, my mom, mr. r's mom and i all plan on wearing to the courtroom.

it's called "FEAR NOT."

i can't wait for it to go live this week. :)