Monday, September 7, 2009

Organ Pipe National Park

We went on a short family adventure this weekend to see one more national park and to get one more stamp. We visited Organ Pipe National Park!
In the visitors center Kayley had fun checking out a lot of things they had on the touch n' feel table. A horshoe!
Bird Wings!
she couldn't figure out how to make them fly.

We got a stamp in our books.Sweet!
Then we went and walked around the trail.
What!? That is an organ pipe cactus?
These were found all over the botanical garden!
What a dissapointment.
What a long drive! =o)
And it was hot out there...
We ate our picnic lunch!
Time to head back home...
Organ Pipe was only about 6 miles from the Mexico Border.
There were lots of places to stop where you could buy your
Rocky Point Insurance...Kayley's feet...we were bored on this long drive.

Finally Kayley looked something like this...
And I didn't have anybody to play with anymore.

Then it did this!
And then we drove through Border Patrol.
Very exciting adventure!

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Mandy Jo said...

To much fun! Thanks for sharing your pics:)