Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kayley Art and EyeCharts

Kayley really likes to draw. She was drawing these cute pictures the other day... She asked me to put their names on there so that we would know who they are. So, I did... They are really good. You can tell that Gramma has on her glasses and that Papa has a mustache.

After we got finished, Kayley handed me the picture and said, "Here! This one is to be put on Facebook." I looked at her like, "seriously?" I promise, I do NOT let my kid play on Facebook...not that often anyway...just a little bit of Farmville...
Wow... where does she learn this stuff?

In other news:
We went to see our pediatrician the other day, and while we were waiting see the doctor we had a discussion about the eyechart we found there.
I explained to Kayley, "well, an eyechart helps the doctor figure out if your eyes are working good...or if they need some help to see. Like glasses..."
Then just joking I said, "Can you read that eye chart? What letters do you see up there?"

Kayley said, "uhm...Z...S...H...C..." mouth was hanging open.
Of course Dr. M was like, "Wow! Mom has been teaching you lot of letters!!"
My response was, "What? Where did she learn that?!"
I've worked some letters and sounds with hers...
and I knew that she knew a few...
but honestly,
I had NO clue she knew that many...
I think Kayley learned letters from watching PBS,
playing with her Leap Frog toys,
educational computer software,
and eating Alphabet Pretzels.

This girl will be reading on her own within a few months!
She just turned 3!
Where did my baby go!!?


Krystin said...

Kayley knows her letters!
It's always surprising to see how much a little sponge will absorb. I know you've been reading with her and going over letters, but to have them recited back to you when you're not in the process of going over them (like at the eye doctor) is always a surprise.
Kids are amazing.
I think the ones coming to Earth in the here-and-now, or just a short time ago are meant to learn and grow faster than we did. They have to be ready for everything with "the times" being what they are I suppose.
But, like I said... always a surprise.

The Pollocks! said...

Yeah, my kids learned their numbers, counting, letters and sounds from Sesame Street, Dora, etc. . . I get compliments like, "well of course they know them - you're a teacher" but I really can't take much of the credit! =)