Monday, September 14, 2009


Ok, I saw this make-it-yourself costume in Disney's Family Fun Magazine yesterday. Isn't this jellyfish costume the cutest? I don't know if Kayley will be a Jellyfish for Halloween this year or not, but it is so cute that I thought somebody else might like to steal this idea.
They just took a wide-brimmed straw hat, covered it in bubble wrap, and covered that in tulle.
Strips of tulle hanging down along with some curly ribbon and VOILA!
You have a cute Jellyfish.


Savannah said...

That is such a cute costume. Maybe I'll make one for me, adults can be jelly fish, right?

Mandy Jo said...

Thats cool!

Jen said...

I saw this in Family Fun, too (love that magazine) and thought it was so cute! Now if I can talk one of my kids into wanting to be that for Halloween!