Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Duggars: 19 Kids and Counting!

I could not let this opportunity pass by to blog about the Duggar family of Tontitown, Arkansas. I'm sure many, many, many of you have heard about this amazing couple who just announced yesterday that they are expecting their 19th child. read that right.
Their 19th child.
As I read the news of Michelle Duggars most recent pregnancy I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming amount of horrible comments people had to say about The Duggars. Overpopulation, Tax Burden, Ridiculous are just a few of the comments that I saw.
I will be the first to admit that, as an infertile woman,
I am jealous of her obvious fertility.
But, as a regular woman and a Mom,
I am going to go out on a limb and admit that

First, I am going to confess. I ran out and bought their book as soon as it was available.
I thought it was AWESOME!
It tells their story, why they have chosen to have so many children, recipes they use that help feed 20 growing people, financial advice, parenting advice... I actually learned how to potty train Kayley using Michelle's method of potty training. True Story.

Here are some fun facts about the Duggars that you may not know:

--They are Independent Baptists. Not Mormon as many snide comments in the media have said. As such, they do believe women should not cut their hair nor wear pants. While I am glad that I do not have to wear dresses all the time, and that I can cut my hair if I choose, I am still always impressed by those who have an outward expression of their committments to God.

--They practice Quiverfull Christian Movement. In otherwords they believe that all children are a blessing from God and should be welcomed with open arms. They do not believe in birth control including natural family planning and sterilization. (Obviously).

--They have a reality show on TLC called 18 Kids and Counting (I wonder if they will have to change the name?). Anyway, unlike Jon and Kate plus 8 (whom people LOVED), Michelle and her husband Jim-Bob actually get along on their show.

--They are still married. 'Nuff said.

--They are debt-free. Truly. They built that house themselves. They have not gone into debt. Ever.

--Unlike OctoMom (shudder) they are not dependent on the government for subsistance. They're not on welfare. They do not even use WIC.

--They care for all their children. They love all their children. Their children all work together. They all have chores. They all have responsibilites. NO, they do not get to sit around and watch TV and play video games and grow obese like many of todays American children.

--They homeschool all of their children. Michelle is a stay-at-home Mom and teaches all of her children herself. They are not a burden on the schools...nor the taxpayers.

--All 18 of their children have a name that starts with "J". Not sure why. But they are going to run out eventually...

--All the children play the violin starting at age 4...the oldest girl all learn to play the harp and most of the kids can also play the piano.

--Michelle takes off the baby weight using Weight Watchers! Yay Weight Watchers!

To learn more about the Duggar Family visit their website at:


Kathleen said...

Go Stephanie! I might just have to get their book, I'm in the throngs of potty training! We'll see how it goes this week! Way to stand up for big families who are taking care of their own!

The Pollocks! said...

I love 'em, too! I think they're great examples in MANY ways. I think I need to read their book - feeding 10 is hard enough for me - I may pick up some pointers!

Jennifer said...

I love the Duggar family... havent watched them in awhile. I'll have to see if our library has their book so I can read it!

Darcy said...

I agree with you and I love them too! I think people who actually love children should have a whole bunch of them! Thanks for the post!

Mandy Jo said...

I just got the book! The lady at the bookstore was kinda rude when I bought it!!!

Anna said...

We do not have their book, but we watch them every week! I think they have a lot to teach us about morals and hardwork. I am so over the Gosselins! Please get them off the air. It is refreshing to watch the Duggars. Although, I myself would probably be in the looney bin with 19 kids.

The Wendler Family said...

I too LOVE this family! They are so impressive to me.
I ordered the book on the day it came out. :) totally worth it! Lets face it, she has amazing parenting advice, she is obviously an expert!