Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adoption Bug

Today I wanted to showcase another small company that sells adoption related apparel!
While Adoption Bug doesn't use this as an avenue to for adoption fundraising, they do use their products to help showcase adoption. Their motto is "The Adoption Bug, if you got it, show it!"

From their website:
[On Adoption Bug] you will find products to share all your joys and excitement (and occasional frustration) with the adoption process. But more importantly, we hope our products give you the opportunity to show others how much you've been blessed by adoption and open the door for positive conversations with others that may be considering adoption—and with those that simply don't get it at all. We also hope that all our designs, particularly our children's items, reinforce to your kids how exceedingly special they are. Simply put, we think adoption rocks, and we hope our products reflect that attitude!

I agree! Adoption Rocks!
Why not consider a holiday gift that shows others how much you LOVE adoption!

Here are a few sample designs found on T-shirts and more!

So...check them out here! AdoptionBug.com

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