Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stuffington Bear Factory Tour

We visited the oldest surving U.S. Teddy Bear Factory in Phoenix today - The Stuffington Bear Factory. The Stuffington Bear Factory boasts that it is one of only 2 toy factories in the United States that still uses only American Made products and Labor. Similar to Build-A-Bear, you can visit their retail store and have your own personal Teddy Bear you can catch a tour of the factory! So we did!!

Kayley chose a really pretty fluffy white bear. The first part is to get a star, and make a wish, and then they put that inside the bear.
Then they stuff it with the Stuffington Stuffing Machine.
Kayley controlled the foot pedal to determine just how much Stuffington Fluff should go in her bear.
Then they sew it up.
Then the bear gets brushed.
Then groomed.
Then an air-bath!
Next the bear gets some clothes...
Then some pretty ribbons for her head.
And her bear birth certificate. Kayley named her bear Goldilocks.
She looks great!
Next we went on the Factory Tour where we learned about the history of the Teddy Bear.

Then they rolled this guy out of bed to come give us a tour of the factory. There were only 2 people working in there today so it was quiet. I guess everybody usually has the weekends off.
Bear Fur Samples.
Finished Bears.
Eyeball selection!
More silly finished bears.

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Mandy Jo said...

to much fun!! awesome pics!