Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How can anybody sleep like that?

James checks in on Kayley every night before we go to bed. (I used to do it, but I almost always managed to wake her up? Don't know how, must be some 6th Mommy-sense that Kayley would think it was time to wake up...) Anyway, usually she is upside down and has no covers on....so he flips her around and covers her up. Well a couple of nights ago he walked in and found Kayley sleeping like this. Really...how can anybody sleep hanging off the edge of the bed? =)


Mandy Jo said...

To funny!! I find Mist at the wrong end of her bed more then the I do at the right end!!!

The Pollocks! said...

. . .and in footie pj's in the middle of summer in arizona? There are several things wrong with that picture! ha ha. Have you seen some of my sleeping posts? It never ceases to amaze me how the little ones manage to sleep. Makes me wonder. . do we sleep oddly as well, just no one checks on us in the middle of the night?

Danny and Sherry said...

I was just gonna say, footie winter pj's in August in Phoenix, your AC must work really well. You guys will freeze your hiney's here in Missouri this winter.