Friday, August 21, 2009

Flash Back Friday Fun...

I cannot believe that it was 4 years ago this month that I separated from the Air Force. I know, it's true, ME! I spent 10 years serving my county in the USAF. Jul '95 - Aug '05. It was the best of was the worst of times...etc etc. Enjoy these interesting pics of me in the military. These photo's are few and far between...I'm not sure why there are not very many? Just didn't take many pics back then I suppose...

Me n' my dad on Base Liberty...the day after (or maybe before) our graduation at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX. My entire Flight got in trouble and lost our Base Lib privileges, but the parents threw a FIT...and we all got dismissed for a couple of hours anyway. I can't even remember who did what, that got us all in trouble...but most parents had flown in for our graduation with the promises of 2 days of liberty...when our TI took it away...whew.... Mom's and Dad's were HOT!
Thank goodness we got it back, sort of...a short version of it. Lot's of tears in our bay that day. Lot's of homesick girls. Can't blame them. It was MY first time away from home too.
Oh, and we had to carry those big black ugly portfolios with us everywhere we went. It contained our study materials and a flashlight...
Could my waist be any smaller? Where did THOSE days go?

Next I went to Tech school at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS. I trained as a Personnelist...which is kind of like HR for the military. A pretty nice job...Mon-Fri, 7-4pm, weekends and holidays off AND noooo deployments. Thanks Dad for encouraging me to pick that was awesome.
This pic is with my dear friend Abigail Gonzales. Can you tell which one of us is hispanic? I know right...I tan quite nicely don't I? That's what happens when you are marching at Basic and TechSchool in the hot sun ALL summer long.
Oh...and the green ropes meant we had been promoted to "troop movers" above our peers. That gave us the privelage of marching a flight instead of marching IN the flight. Oohhh...that was SO awesome! "ForWARD - HHHarch!"

By the time I graduated from Tech school I was a yellow rope...which promoted me from Troop Mover to Bay Chief...which was a pretty good deal. (I had a pic, but now I can't find it). I still got to march troops, but then I was in charge of my own bay and I got to yell at all the girls in my Bay. =) Not really...but I was responsible to make sure that my bay was clean, bathrooms, floors buffed, beds made, etc. I also had to do bed checks every night to make sure that my entire Bay was present and accounted for. The fellow on my left was one of my greatest friends, Dennis. The guy on my right was Sgt Tai, the guy who "retired" my yellow rope when I left. (You get a ceremony and everything!).

My first duty station was at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. I was so excited to be is actually a special duty assignment, but I got to go anyway. It was really, really cool. I worked with the cadets, up on the hill...and that view behind me was the view out of our office windows for a few years. I'm an Airman, you can tell by the single stripe.

My first formal occasion. I was selected to co-MC a banquet where our guest speaker was Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Chief Campanele. I felt practically famous. And I was horrified when I got home that night and my cumerbund was still laying on my bed. I forgot a VERY important part of my uniform...and didn't know it until I got home. I can't believe nobody said anything to me. But, it was probably better that they didn't or I would have been so upset I wouldve been freaking out the whole night.

Look, I've been promoted to Airman First Class. 2 stripes.
I won an award for Airman of the Quarter.
How about that Dorthy Hamill haircut?

Now I'm a Senior Airman. 3 stripes. I am graduating from Airman Leadership school because I would be getting promoted to Staff Sergeant soon.
Recieving a medal from my boss. My hair is long enough to french braid now. No hair on the collar was always tricky finding ways to pull it up off your collar.
My desk. Living the cube-life.
The guy in the background is Shawn. He was the first person I ever supervised. Poor Kid...I think he turned out ok even though he had me for a boss...
I had an opportunity to work with the Midlevel leaders for a while, which was pretty fun. I got to see parts of the Academy that most didn't. This was a publicity shot for the base paper. Cool huh?
After 6 years at the Academy I requested to I re-careered into Instructor of Technology and Military Science and became an Airman Leadership School Instructor. This is our class photo from our training in Alabama. We started training on September 11th. Yes...THE September 11th. Thank goodness I was in school or I would have been doing a lot of miserable chores at my home base. Working 24s, I.D. card checks, patroling weird stuff, etc.

I enjoyed my time as an ALS instructor. (another publicity shot for the base paper).
I taught classes for the Community College of the Air Force for 4 years.
I separated after this job. I had gotten married and we were anxious to grow our family and I was excited to be a stay-at-home Mom.
I miss it some, but not too much.
I'm happy to be a Stay-at-Home Mommy to Kayley...

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Krystin said...

Cool shots.
I learned a lot about your service.
Very informative.

By the way, I've read all the other posts, but haven't commented because there were so many I hadn't written that I would have taken forever to comment on them all.