Friday, August 28, 2009

Flash Back Friday Fun... Baby Kayley

I have been doing a LOT of cleaning getting ready for the movers. (Only 20 more days!). A couple days ago I cleaned out a tub full of scrapbooking stuff. (I went through a phase where I was pretty sure I wanted to scrapbook and after about 3 months of scrapping, realized that I didn't actually enjoy it. So, I packed everything up and forgot about it.) the midst of all my scrap stuff I found a disk. All it said on it was, "Kayley." I thought, "Wow! What is it...?" It was full of photos from Mary's camera. Pictures taken of Kayley during the 2 weeks after placement in Colorado while we were waiting for ICPC to clear. So, I thought for our flashback today I'd post some of these...because they are never-before-seen photos! Enjoy!


Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 Crew said...

What a special gift to treasure!! I think I know exactly how great it feels to discover something as precious as "lost" photos of your child.

I had to laugh at the scrapbooking comment- I don't like it either, too many distracting doo-dads and things, when all I want to focus on are the pictures!!

Where are you moving to?

Mandy Jo said...

Awww:) I love them:) To cute! Isn't it so crazy to look back at those pictures!?!? Yay 20 more days till you move close:)