Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

It's been a long tough summer. It is so hot that we are always struggling to find something interesting (and inexpensive) to do. Since we had a TON of tokens left over from Kayley's ChuckE.Cheese birthday party, we thought we'd head over there at 10am to play for a bit! It was so nice...all the big kids are back to school so it was nice and quiet. There were 4 other kids there, all about Kayley's age. We just played and played, ordered a single pizza and a drink, and then headed for home! All for 10 bucks! Yay! Cheap fun!
Kayley won some tickets!
Kayley took this self-portrait of us!
It was deserted in the dining room when we went in to watch ChuckECheese and eat some pizza.Afterward we cashed in our tickets. Actually we fed them to the ticket makes crunching noises while it eats your tickets.
Then we cashed in our tickets for a couple of prizes at the ticket counter...
We had a great time! Not bad for cheap entertainment!


Savannah said...

Glad you had a fun day. What a great idea to go while everyone is in school. We went a few years ago for my little brothers b-day. It was on a Saturday and crowded! And maybe it was just that particular restaurant, but I thought it smelled of pee. We spent a few dollars and then excused ourselves early.

Mandy Jo said...

Yay for Chuck E Cheese!!! Our Chuck E Cheese isn't the cleanest or best place to go so we drive about 30 miles to a better one!! I love it when all the big kids go back to school!:)