Saturday, July 18, 2009

Money Well Spent...

I love them too much not to share the spoils of my shopping today.
I am a Gymboree Fanatic. I didn't mean to be, but somehow I just ended up that way. I had 50 dollars worth of Gymbucks. So, if you spend 100, you get 50 bucks off! How can you not resist a deal like that?
I picked up these cute outfits today from Gymboree's newest line called New York Girl.
We have so many clothes in a size 3 already that I ended up buying the 3pc sweater vest set in a size 4. So...since it will be a year before you see it again...I just had to share it now. I think it is so adorable!
(The red dress is a 3 so you can see that one this year. yay!)
But, darn it, if I didn't pick up any hair accessories....(Trust me, I'll be going back.)

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Krystin said...

They have a Gymboree in the outdoor mall here in Salt Lake City, I just barely caught a glimpse through the front doors over the weekend. It does look like a fun shop.