Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beginning Birthdays...

I know it is kind of early, but we've already started celebrating our birthdays. Mine is the 25th and Kayley's the 26th. I sign up for lots of crazy stuff throughout the year and one of my favorites is my free "Birthday Burger" from Red Robin... So...we started our birthday celebrations with the Whisky River BBQ Burger... YUM!

Then, since it is our Birthdays we both get free Ice Cream Sundays. YUMmier!
We had to share with Daddy because he didn't get one... Poor Daddy.
Stay tuned...I have a free DQ Blizzard Coupon
and a birthday party at ChuckECheese coming up!
Whoo hooo!


Bre said...

I think it is so fun that you all have birthdays in the same month and our country's birthday! I mean it is not every family that gets to have all their birthdays in the same months AND fireworks! Oh and did I mention that it is the exact opposite month as Christmas? Ya what a fun month to have a birthday with your family.

Krystin said...

Sounds like a trend I need to get started in our lives too! Yay for free food!