Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Not Taken
Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth.

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same.

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I can't express how many times it feels like James and I are roaming down that less traveled road. I can't help but wonder what Frost meant when he said, "and that has made all the difference..." A good difference? A bad difference? A complete in-difference? I have always loved this poem, it is by far one of my favorites.

I snapped this picture in the woods across the street from the house where my parents lived in Germany. There were lots of little meandering, hiking trails throughout the Black Forest and I saw these two paths diverging and it made me think of this poem.

Hmmm...Maybe it will make you have deep thoughts and a pensive mood for the rest of the day? And if not, I hope you at least enjoy the picture and the poem... As for me, it always takes me back to the time in my childhood where I thought maybe magical fairies and unicorns still existed... and if I looked hard enough, or if I were quiet enough, I just might see one.


Under the Red Roof said...

I don't know if you remember, but the path less traveled ended at a wonderful spring of "healing" water flowing from the hillside. In this case the road less traveled was the one with the greater benefit. We can never be sure which path is the better of the two, but discovery is often the reward of curiosity.

Don't forget the Fairies, they are still there, you just have to believe.

Krystin said...

Beautiful picture Stephanie!

Kathleen said...

I love the picture, and I still like to pretend there are magical fairies here, especially since we get to see them floating through the woods in the summer, although some may call them fireflies . . . ;)