Friday, June 26, 2009

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Baily Circus

Last night we had the opportunity to go the the Ringling Bro's and Barnum & Baily Circus downtown at the U.S. Airways Center! It was our first time going to the Circus with Kayley and I hadn't been to the Circus since I was in elementary school.
We went early for the 1 hour "pre-show" so Kayley could meet a few of the performers from the show. I thought she might be scared of the clown...we've actually never seen one I don't think. But she just looked at him and then turned to the camera and said "cheeeeeeeese."
We got to try on some fashionable clown costumes!
This is Mr. Gravity, the main character in the show.
A clown balancing a spinning plate on his forehead.
A lovely acrobat.
On our way up to the nosebleed section to find our seats.
Kayley and Daddy.
Our seats...could we seriously be any further away?
It was really high up. Kayley was tired. I thought I was being so clever by pushing her nap back an hour so she could stay up later and not be as tired...but it did NOT work. =( She woke up tired and whiny from her nap and was really pooped (and a little cranky) the whole evening.

The souveniers were too expensive to buy. I felt so bad but those crazy glowing spinner things were 20 bucks! Seriously ! A box of popcorn was 7 bucks, a big drink 6 bucks and cotton candy was 12 BUCKS! I saw a little girl sitting behind us who had a regular, normal little glow stick that some clever parent brought from home...I was moaning over the fact that I didn't come up with something that creative. And Kayley said, "I want one of those!" Ohhhh, those sell 2 for two dollars at walmart...I dont' know why I didn't think of it?? (forehead slap).
The seats were awesome stadium style seating so we could see pretty well. The downside was such that they were so narrow that Kayley kicked the guy in front of us in the back of the head. Oops...He's ok though. No concussion or anything.
Kayley actually watched a lot more of the acrobatics that I thought she would. She really liked this one where they guys were swinging on these giant swings and jumping and flipping. Whew! At one point she yelled, "Looook Mommy! He didn't Miss!"
The tigers were incredible. Thank goodness we were so high up. If a tiger escaped and started eating people we would be able to view the carnage from above and snap some pictures. The tigers would be full before ever getting all the way up to us. Hey, work with me here, I'm trying to put a positive spin on our not-so-great seats. =)
Kayley got really excited over the elephants. She wanted to know where the monkey were?

At the end of the show...Kayley was so tired...that she looked like this.
Mommy was actually pretty exhausted too. When Kayley is happy and awake she will gladly sit in her own seat or sit with Daddy. But, Kayley is 100% Mommy's Girl and when she is tired, sad, cranky, and overwhelmed she wants Mommy and only Mommy. Which is fine. Except she wanted to be carried. Well...and she really needed to be carried. The press of people was pretty overwhelming. It was terribly crowded with lots of big people who wanted to trample my little one. It made me pretty nervous.
Anyway, I ended up carrying her nearly the whole night...and boy her little 27 pounds gets REALLY heavy after a while. Needless to say my arms felt like they were going to fall off by the time we got to the car.
I do have to admit I kind of like having a Mommy's Girl and it is a small price to pay. The return on investment is my baby's love and I LOVE it.
You should see my biceps this morning. They are huge. =)
Hey, we got these free souvenier noses...what do you think? We look pretty cute don't we?
On the way home! We LOVE the Circus!!

A circus video.


The Pollocks! said...

I felt the same way about the circus when we went a few years back - pricey crap that seems to be all the kids REALLY want. The show. . .yeah well, we had nose bleeds, too! I am on facebook - Stephanie Hellewell Pollock. Look me up!

Krystin said...

*sighs* I've never even been to the circus. I've always wanted to go though. Thanks for sharing the video at the end.

Danny and Sherry said...

We took the boys this spring to the Shrine Circus which was great fun, I also had the extreme pleasure of viewing an east bound Barnum Bailey Circus train going through Lebanon last fall, it was so cool, all the car were decorated and several people were waving from the cars, I was surprised they still traveled that way, but it is probably easier to transport animals like that. What a magical train that was!!!