Friday, June 5, 2009

The Mighty Wurlitzer - Organ Stop Pizza

Since we will be moving from Arizona pretty soon, we are trying to fit in all the things that we didn't get to do yet into the next few months. We had heard about this fun restaurant in Mesa called Organ Stop Pizza. We went there to check it out and here is what we found!

Organ Stop Pizza boasts the worlds largest theatrical pipe organ in the world called The Mighty Wurlitzer! While you eat your pizza an organist astounds you with his intense ability to play whatever you request! It was incredible! I have posted some videos toward the end.

If you want to learn more about Organ Stop Pizza and the Mighty Wurlitzer click here.

Kayley thought it was neat. They had dancing kitty puppets at one point, birds singing from the corners of the room and bubbles floated down from the ceiling. The organist played everything from Disney favorites to Star Wars medley.

A really bad self-portrait. It was challenging to get pictures without using a flash.

We sat on the upper level so we had to watch what was going on through the bars. I think next time we'll sit on the floor so we can catch some bubbles. I think the view might actually be a little better too.

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Krystin said...

Sounds like a cool place. I'll check the videos out later.