Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Congratulations James!!!

It's almost official! We had the pleasure of attending James' graduation from the Residency program at Scottsdale Healthcare. While he has been official "Dr." for a couple years now, this end of residency is making it a little more final. Congrats Dr. James (and Dr. Daddy) on a successful residency! We are so proud of you!!!

Kayley and Gramdaddy wait for the graduation to start.

Kayley played in the fountain in the foyer.

Look! She found Daddy's picture in the program!

Kayley and Daddy. My two favorite people.

I wasn't able to get any photo's inside the graduation, but they hired a photographer so hopefully we will see those photos in the next couple of weeks... At one point Kayley stood up in the middle of the graduation and shouted, "Hi Daddy!!" Thank goodness everybody thinks she is adorable.

They had a really nice reception afterward. Here is Kayley eating a coconut crusted lobster tail. Yes... Kayley liked lobster... Who wouldn't?

During dinner one of James' nurses came up and told Kayley - "You are SO gorgeous." To which Kayley replied, "Nooo...I'm not gorgeous, I'm Kayley!"

Yum, a chocolate eclair for dessert.

Here we are...I'm trying really hard not to blink. I'm a chronic camera-blinker you know.
James' parents at the reception.

Smoked salmon on a triangle. =) You can see the little dab of escargot or something on there. This thing was yucky. I guess I don' t have very expensive taste... Looked pretty though.
Well. We are so proud of our family doctor. The next big step is getting started in a job!
We will have job news for you in the next few weeks!
Stay tuned!


Danny and Sherry said...

It has been a long and rough road for your little family, but you have made it thru! Congradualtions to my nephew-in-law James for becoming a doctor, a very hard and rewarding career. I'm so thankful you will be here in Missouri soon and get to enjoy family for a while, also to welcome James to our St. John's family also. Love to you all!!!!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! And it's caviar - not escargot! :)

Krystin said...

I think you look positively stunning in the picture of you and James, Stephanie. You look tan and beautiful.
I think it's great that Kayley has no inhibitions about shouting out hello to her daddy no matter where she is. Hopefully she never looses that trait when going through her teen years. If she does, at least you'll have these positive memories to look back on!
Congrats to James on the graduation, closing of one chapter in your life and turning the page into the next is always exciting.