Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well. We took Kayley to see her first movie at the Theater. We decided to see Pixar's new movie, UP! Here is Kayley outside the Cinemark. She got her ticket and we are ready to go inside!
oooohhh...look at all that candy. We didn't buy candy, but we did buy some popcorn.
They were still cleaning, so we had to wait outside a little bit before going in and finding a seat... As you can see, Kayley already found her special booster seat.
A lady in line offered to take our picture... Cheese!
So, just in case you were wondering... Kayley did pretty good. She got restless toward the end and struggles to use her whisper voice, but there were a few other kids in the theater doing the same so it was no big deal. Between you and me...I'm glad it will be another 6 months before the next Disney movie comes out. Hahaha.


The Pollocks! said...

In our city, they have a cool thing called Summer Movie Camp at several of the theaters. The tickets are either free or a buck, and they show movies from last season at 10 in the morning for all the people with little kids - the lights are left up a bit, the sound is turned down a bit, and EVERYONE understands the need to talk / move / cry a little bit. Maybe you've got one that does this - it's AWESOME!!

Danny and Sherry said...

Jayce has been to a couple of movies and has always done well. Laura and I took him to Night At The Museum on Friday night and he really enjoyed it. Poor Jordy stayed home with Daddy, he just isn't quite big enough to sit through 2 hours, I'm glad Kayley had fun!!!!

Monroe Family said...

You are so brave...I'm not sure if Tate's ready for it. What a fun family outing!

Krystin said...

So... was the movie good?

James, Stephanie & Kayley said...

The movie was cute. I enjoyed it!