Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sensational Summer Science Camp

We were so sad to see the end of preschool...but we still have a lot of fun in the works! Kayley is signed up for 3 different summer camps at her preschool. This weeks camp is called Sensational Summer Science. Summer camp is a little longer than her traditional preschool...they stay long enough to eat lunch. Kayley was so excited when I packed her a little lunch in the cute brown and pink cooler bag. She carried all morning.

I worried about Kayley staying so long at preschool, so I came by an hour early yesterday (right before lunchtime) to make sure things were going ok. She was basically, "Hi Mommy...Go Away Mommy, we are not done yet." Whew...Apparently I was the only one worried.

Wednesday's are "Water Fun Day" and the kids wear swimsuits and play in sprinklers...Here is Kayley in her stylish new swimsuit. I thought it was awfully cute and had good coverage to discourage sunburning...


Krystin said...

It is most definitely a cute swimming suit!

The Wyler Family said...

sounds fun. i love the swimsuit! she is so cute.