Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RainForest Adventures

Today we went to our final Preschool series at the Phoenix Zoo called RainForest Adventures! We are sad that this is our last one...but it is just getting too hot...even at 8am it is already uncomfortably warm outside. This one was especially exciting because Gramma came with us! See...look...doesn't Kayley look really excited?
This one was going to be a'd better believe it!
We stopped on our way to the Forest of Uco to check out the Lemers. Some kids behind us were singing the hit song, "We like to Move it MOve it!" from the movie Madagascar. It was pretty fun...we all had to stop and dance.

Today we were going to be visiting the jaguar, Caipora. She likes willow leaves with scents sprinkled on we were able to sprinkle Cinnamon on them...
And spray lavendar on them for her to enjoy.
I'm not even sure what we were learning about at the sand table today...but it had beans in it.
Beans in a sand table....whoever came up with this dull idea...?

I love how the workers at the zoo always put the stickers on the kids backs. It really does help..they don't get stuck to anything and they don't pull them off or lose them.
Yum...Banana nut muffin...
A tadpole... (Not a real one)
They had these cool bouncy things. I remember playing on these as a kid. We tried it out and Kayley did get the hang of it...but we were a little worried about her bouncing her skull off the pavement so we kept a pretty good hand on her while she bounced... There are fun videos of this at the end.
It was a really good workout for me and gramma.
dirty fountain...ewww...
crayon rubbings...
a weird pod thing that Kayley found...
Hannah and Kayley. Our last time hanging out...

Gramma took Kayley on the carousel today... Kayley chose to ride the zebra!

The bouncing videos...


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Krystin said...

I think Kayley's new blog pic should be the one above "Hannah and Kayley."
She sure is cute.
Your guess is as good as mine about the beans in the sand table.
Looks like she had fun with the bouncy thing. I'll check the videos out later.