Monday, May 4, 2009

More Traveling to Missouri...

James had 3 job interviews in Missouri over the weekend. We were lucky enough that Kayley and I were able to go with him! Here we are on Thursday morning getting ready to go to the airport... Kayley is excited to go on a plane again!
Kayley took these pic of me as were were getting read to go....
When we got to the airport our American Airlines flight ended up being delayed over an hour. American seems to be chronically late...except for when we got to DFW and missed our connection because THAT flight actually left closer to on-time... Sigh...
Have DVD player - Will Travel. No Problem!
Aaarghhh... More waiting at the Airport. This pic is still in the PHX airport...
Is our plane here yet?
Nope...and that one is leaving without us...Oh no! I had to explain to her that THAT plane was not OUR plane... It is all very confusing to a 2yr old.
At some point during our 3 hours in the PHX airport Kayley discovered that we were NOT flying to see Gramma and Papa. Uh oh... So we called and checked in with Gramma just to help us feel a little better.
We made it on the plane! Yay! We have our buckles on! I bought this child saftey aviation restraint system... I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has to fly with toddlers. It is MUCH better than taking a car seat on the airplane (this allows the kids to constantly kick the seat-back in front of them) and much, much safer than just the airplane lapbelt. It is called "Cares." Learn more about it here if you want: It is nice because kids are used to car seats and it really kept her from pinging and jumping all over the plane. At one point I dozed off and, you guessed it, when I woke up...she was right there where I left her...watching the DVD player.
So, as I mentioned earlier, at DFW we missed our connection to we had to wait over 2 hours to catch the next flight. We stopped at this fun kids play area for a while though and Kayley was able to expend some energy before we had to get on our next flight.
To get to the next terminal we took Skylink! It was like the Disneyland Monorail... Very fun. I'll have more pics of that coming up later...
Back on the plane again... We are getting pretty worn out.
The plane from DFW to Springfield was TINY! It was 2 seats and 1 seat. They sat us on the very last row by the mini-restroom. So, were were acutely aware of everybody who had to go potty. =) The phone to call the pilot was right by James' head. And above my head was an ashtray! It was an old, tiny, (kind of scary) plane.
Yay...we finally made it to Springfield. When we got there...the tiny tiny airport was abandoned. Anyway...we got there...went to the turny-thing to get our suitcases (soup-cases as Kayley kept calling them) and our stroller out of the "trunk" (as we told Kayley, she was very stressed about this) and only mine came out! So, I talked to a TSA guy...who was the only person who looked like he worked there in this tiny, closed airport and he suggested that I go knock on AA's door to see if anybody was still there....
So, I had to jump the counter and I banged on the door. Thankfully somebody was there to help me...James' suitcase was in the back...but our stroller was still at DFW. It made it overnight and it was delivered to our hotel the next morning. What a nightmare...

Oh, and just in case you are curious...Kayley weighed 29 pounds on the suitcase scale she is playing on.
St. John's put us up at the Doubletree. I'll try not to sound like a Hillbilly when I say, "Whoa! It was probably the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in!" They provided us with this extra-special cheese/cracker/fruit/nut tray.
Can you see Kayleys fingers stealing a cracker in the lower right corner of the pic?
We got in late..we were tired. Kayley took a bath, Daddy combed her hair...and we went to bed.
Now, the bummer is...we left on Friday and I forgot the I didn't get any pics during James' job interviews. I can't believe that they let me and Kayley tag along the entire day. It probably would've been a little much to take photo's while James was interviewing anyway... hahaha...

So the next day we had most of the day to we made some fun plans. Here is Kayley eating grapes off of our special tray.
We went downtown to the Walnut Street ArtsFest. They had this fun thing set up for the kids where they could beat on trashcans, buckets and what-not with drumsticks....
We stopped at one booth and Kayley made a beaded bracelet.
With an airplane on it!
They had lots of local bands playing. I thought this one was particually interesting because this lady had an electric harp strapped to her body. I'd just never seen anything like it.
These weird guys were roaming down the street playing music. We never could figure out why the guy in the middle was wearing a skirt. It was awfully chilly outside...This kid could solve a rubiks cube in less than 60 seconds. He would demo it for 2 bucks. You'd give him your 2 dollars...and you could mess up the cube. Then, he started the timer and solved it in less than 60 seconds. He probably made a lot of money that day...he was really drawing crowds...I figure we'll see him on Ellen eventually.
St.Johns did provide us with this interesting rental car. It was a Prius. I have never driven a was especially weird. Very quiet though and got GREAT gas mileage.
Uhm... Are any words necessary to the following pictures? When we move to MO...I will have to stay away from Andy''s dangerous. =)
Yes...yes...yes...that IS the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer... yummy yummy yummmmy!
We also made a trip to Bass Pro. We were so fortunate to meet up with my Aunt Sherry, Uncle Danny and cousin Pete. They were gracious enough to buy us dinner at Hemmingways...which was so YUMMY!
We puttered around Bass Pro for a bit is Kayley with a bin of snakes.
And a huge, flippin' dolphin!
In the tree house.
Kayley with Aunt Sherry and Uncle Danny. She whined the whole way back to our hotel..."I miss my Aunt Sherry...I miss my Aunt Sherry..."
The view from our room...inside the Doubletree.
The last day... We sure our looking worn out aren't we? Thanks to my Mom for the cute outfit and to my Grandma Carolyn for the awesome beaded socks!
We checked out and had about 4 hours before we needed to be at the airport.
We decided to head to Fantastic Caverns. America's ONLY drive through cave...(so they boast). Kayley and I tried on these cool "bat-hats" in the gift shop.
Kayley took this pic of us while we were waiting for our tram ride through the cave.
Oh...and we bought Kayley a bag of rocks. You know...I secretly always wanted a bag of rocks.
We let Kayley snap a few pics of her rocks too.
On the tram... ready to go!
Can you see us in the front of the cart? It was pretty fun.
We finished by having lunch at Panera. One of our fav's that is NOT available in Phoenix.
Yup...we had another delay. Thankfully they had this really cute play-area by our gate....
As promised earlier...some better photos of Skylink. At DFW we rode Skylink again to get to our gate... Kayley thought it was pretty neat. Such a big girl...she got onto me, James and a couple of strangers for not holding on to the handrail.
Back on the plane.... Kayley fell asleep toward the end and James had to hold her head up...
I sat in front of them on this was difficult for AA to get us seats all together on the flight back.
Finally home... Doesn't this pitiful face tell all?

Here are a few videos.

This one is that lady with the electric harp. They were pretty good... I never figured out what the name of this band was...but they had a nice Celtic sound...

Here is Kayley playing with the drumsticks...

Here is Kayley playing at the Springfield Airport.
We were delayed almost an hour trying to leave, but luckily we didn't miss our connection coming home this 2nd time around.


The Wyler Family said...

looks like a great trip!

Danny and Sherry said...

I missed her too, she is such a delight, I know she can have her moments, all kids do, but she was so good at the resturant and only got a little fussy the later it got. I will be happy to see her again in 2 weeks!!!! Oh, and you and James also I guess :) Glad you all got home safely and back to the hot dry weather while we continue to have rain.

Krystin said...

I'll have to check out the videos when I get home.
I've been through DFW airport a couple of times when Jay and I flew to, and back from, Houston, TX. I liked the skylink there as well. Very efficient. It was also nice to get a look outside while you were on it. DIA only has a train that runs underground (not as much to look at).
It does look like you had fun while you were there. Are you going back in 2 weeks or is your Aunt Sherry going to AZ to visit you guys?

Krystin said...

The videos were pretty cute.
Especially Kayley "jumping rope."