Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fishy Dress

Ok, first of all...Kayley is a doll. So when I have such a cute subject to work with I usually end up getting good pics. In other news, the iPhoto software on my new Mac is awesome! Look at what I could do with these photos! I touched up the first 2 while playing around with my new software, the others I left alone. They turned out so good!

Kayley was pretty excited to carry her own scripture bag to church today.


The Pollocks! said...

She's just too cute for words! My dad calls my girls "living dolls" because, well, we gotta doll 'em up! Isn't is fun? I still find myself looking over to the headbands and cute frilly things even though my baby is a boy! =)

CherylStJohn said...

That top photo is incredible. She is precious - and you are such a good photographer.

Krystin said...

Yeah... she did turn out rather cute.
Makes it fun being a mom of a little show-stopper!