Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hodgson Mill

As we have been looking to move, we have sent away for relocation packets from several different places. One place was West Plains, MO. I grew up in the Ozarks and would really love to move back home. While West Plains isn't exactly "home" it is pretty close. Anyway, I received a flyer from United Country/Ozark Realty, Inc and when I opened the first page, I couldn't believe my eyes! There at the top was Hodgson Mill!

Hodgson Mill is for Sale! All 240 Acres! The whole Mill! The Spring! Even the Gift Shop!

I wonder if the locals are disappointed to see this mill close down? And while it is not a "working mill" per se...since Hodgson Mill products are readily available on your grocery store shelves...it is just another piece of Missouri history that is hit by the economy and disappearing.

I can't claim to remember much about Hodgson Mill. This is a picture of me with my parents at Hodgson Mill when I was only 2 but I do know is an historic landmark. It is a place that I would love to visit again, but may never get the chance.




Krystin said...

Lets hope whoever buys it will keep it in tact for the historical value. Who knows, it may just get lucky!

Danny and Sherry said...

I remember this picture, you were not a year old yet, we had went on a picnic/road trip with Ike, Sara and Janet, we packed lunches and went to the mill and a lot of other state parks that Grandpa Long was so excited about doing. In this same area is Big Springs, Round Springs, Alley Springs, Old Dawt Mill. It is a very pretty,non-commercial area with hiking trails and parks.